Letters of Support

Scheel right person for treasurer

As your current City Treasurer, I highly recommend Lynda Scheel for the office of City Treasurer. As she was considering running for the Treasurer's position, Lynda met with me to discuss what the job entails. We had many discussions of the responsibilities and duties of the treasurer, and during those discussions it became very evident that Lynda was the right person for the job.

Lynda’s professional administrative experiences, knowledge of how city government works, and passion for the city and its citizens are just a few reasons why she should be elected as our next treasurer. The main function of the treasurer is to collect taxes from the citizens and businesses and distribute them as required by law. This includes collecting and distributing the school taxes. Lynda, with her experience as a school board trustee, is uniquely qualified to understand the needs of the city and our schools. Her ability to understand and communicate with the school district will be an invaluable asset.

On a personal level, I have worked with Lynda in her current position as a council person and have found her to be knowledgeable, prepared, thoughtful and never afraid of a challenge. These traits will serve her well as Treasurer.

I'm honored to have been your Treasurer for the last eight years. I cannot think of a single person more qualified and on day one to take over for me than Lynda Scheel. Please consider casting your vote for Lynda Scheel on Nov. 3.

Dennis Wright
Livonia City Treasurer

Scheel positive, trustworthy

Please vote for Lynda Scheel for treasurer on Nov. 3.

I first met Lynda several years ago when Lynda was an elected official and I was a concerned citizen. Lynda was easy to talk to and knowledgeable regarding the issues.

I consider Lynda a wonderful friend and admire her for the family she has raised and the positive, trustworthy public servant who is committed to Livonia.

Over the past 10 years, I have watched Lynda invest her time and concern into the Livonia community while learning from Livonia’s top leaders. Lynda has become one of Livonia’s best leaders and her positivity and experience will make her an excellent treasurer.

Please join me in voting for Lynda Scheel on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Maggie Feher

Vote Scheel for treasurer

I have known Lynda Scheel for many years, dating back to her time as President of PTA Council for Livonia. When she served on the Livonia School Board, she faced a number of very difficult decisions and pressures. Her job as Board President was not easy, but she was resolute and very effective in the job.

Lynda’s work on the Livonia City Council has been similarly effective, and she always is prepared, thorough, and friendly. All of these positions have bolstered her skills in leadership, which should ensure her success as Livonia’s next Treasurer. Please vote for Lynda Scheel for Livonia Treasurer by absentee ballot or at the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Pat Tancill

Scheel has integrity

Integrity, strength, dedication, commitment, involvement, passion. These are just a few of the characteristics that come to mind when I hear the name Lynda Scheel. Characteristics necessary in the person who will fill the shoes of our outgoing treasurer. Characteristics we should expect in all of our elected officials. I have been extremely fortunate to have served with Lynda on the School Board and observe her in both a professional and personal capacity. She is always informed, knowledgeable and prepared. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Lynda brings with her the type of work ethic we should all aspire to. All who come in contact with Lynda are treated with respect and compassion. While Lynda has strong ideas she also comes into each situation with an open mind. I have absolutely no doubt Lynda will make an outstanding treasurer and continue the strong tradition of integrity and professionalism we, as residents of Livonia, have come to expect.

Please join me in supporting Lynda Scheel on Nov. 3.

Mark R. Johnson

Livonia Observer, August 2, 2015

Scheel ‘walks the walk’

I support Lynda Scheel for Treasurer because she “walks the walk.” Having had the pleasure of serving with Lynda on the Livonia school board, I have seen firsthand the time Lynda has dedicated working behind the scenes on behalf of the school district, and now for the city. This dedication and experience will serve the citizens of Livonia well in her role as Treasurer.

Our current treasurer, Dennis Wright, has brought the office to an impressive 97 percent tax collection rate. It will take a dedicated and knowledgeable individual to continue such service to our community. Lynda has both the background and attention to detail that such a challenge requires.

Lynda currently serves on the Livonia City Council and Brownfield Authority, and has served on the Livonia Planning Commission, gaining a deep understanding of our city. Her experiences on the school board, Livonia Public Schools Foundation, and Livonia PTSA Council highlight her dedication to the families in our community. These roles, in combination with 30 years working in the mortgage banking industry, provide the public and private sector experience to allow her to be immediately effective in the role of Treasurer. Most importantly, she has done all of the above with integrity, an essential personal characteristic for this position. Please join me Aug. 4 in supporting Lynda Scheel for Treasurer.

Colleen Burton

Livonia Observer, July 16, 2015

Scheel for Treasurer

I would like to recommend voting for Lynda Scheel for our next city treasurer when heading to the polls Aug. 4. Lynda has an extensive history within the city as a volunteer, commission appointments and as an elected official. These experiences will serve her well as treasurer. I have been impressed with Lynda's commitment to represent the citizens of Livonia by making good decisions when faced with tough issues.

I believe her service on City Council, the Brownfield Authority, Planning Commission make her the best qualified candidate and the one who understands the importance of working with people to keep our city strong.

Please join me in voting for Lynda Scheel for city treasurer in the Aug. 4 primary and then again in the November general election.

Eleanor Dixon

Livonia Observer, July 9, 2015

Scheel – a proven, positive leader

A proven, positive leader is running for Livonia City Treasurer – Lynda Scheel. We are proud to enthusiastically endorse Lynda, with whom we have worked on various civic committees for many years.

Lynda has devoted more than 10 years working in various leadership positions in the city of Livonia, including City Council, the Planning Commission, and the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority. Through these roles, she has proven her keen business acumen and her thorough understanding of city government. In her role as councilwoman, she has demonstrated her positive attitude, and she encourages open discussion and builds consensus to achieve the best solutions. She has developed an integral knowledge of our business community and neighborhoods. Through Lynda's 30 years in the private sector, she has developed the necessary financial skills for being treasurer, and has worked closely with many local government tax departments.

Lynda has consistently demonstrated her strong work ethic and her positive approach in supporting the needs of Livonia. We encourage you to vote for a proven, positive leader for Treasurer, Lynda Scheel. Please visit her website www.lyndascheel.com and her Facebook page.

Jim and Diane Policelli

Livonia Observer, July 2, 2015

Scheel – experienced, approachable

As we all know, this year holds many changes for Livonia citizens and who they elect to serve as their leaders. We will be supporting Lynda Scheel as our next City Treasurer based on her experience and approachable style.

Lynda and her family have lived in Livonia for over 40 years, and during that time she has served the citizens of Livonia in various capacities. Her experience includes being a current member of City Council, LPS Education Foundation, Brownfield Authority, and past member of the Planning Commission, LPS School Board, and LPTSA Council.

We have known Lynda and her family for a number of years, and have come to respect her values and the love that she has for her family and for the City of Livonia.

We would encourage our fellow residents to vote for Lynda Scheel as a positive, experienced, down-to-earth candidate for the position of City Treasurer. Please vote on Tuesday, Aug.4.

Paul and Cathy Condon


  A Positive - Experienced - Leader
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